Lake Berryessa

Nestled in the Pacific Coast Range, Lake Berryessa draws people from all over the region. With verdant landscapes of oak and manzanita and over 160 miles of shoreline, the lake and its offerings are a coveted destination. At 26 miles long and 3 miles wide, Lake Berryessa is one of the California’s largest bodies of fresh waters. Warm summer temperatures provide a great play land for water sports. Summer water temperatures average 78 degrees. Lake Berryessa provides numerous opportunities for fishing, where anglers enjoy catching both cold and warm water species such as rainbow trout, bass, catfish, and bluegill. As the lake and its surrounding environment are pristine in their natural conservation, on-shore lodging is limited. Houseboating provides ample lodging for those that seek to immerse themselves in the nature and beauty that is Lake Berryessa.