What to Bring

Printable Checklist

Itís important that you view the list of equipment and amenities that is being provided by the marina. Knowing what is provided will help you plan ahead*. Download our printable checklist to help you get started.Download Printable Checklist (PDF)

Sun Screen/Tanning Lotion

Are you a sun worshiper or do you burn easily? Either way, itís a good idea to bring your tanning lotion of choice, and a great idea to include sun screen. If you or your guests forget to pack it up, our marina stores have a variety of products to protect your skin or give it that healthy glow.

Fishing Gear

Whether youíre an experienced fisherman or have never held a pole in your life, fishing is a fun way to pass the time. Fishing licenses, bait and other amenities are available at most of the marina stores, so make sure to pack your poles and tackle box.


Youíre going to be on a boat, in the middle of a lake, surrounded by nature, and you donít want to miss a thing! Binoculars will allow you and your guests to navigate coves, check out the forest, watch your friends on the water and experience nature at its finest.

Digital Camera or Camcorder

Although most smartphones have the capability to document your vacation, a digital camera or camcorder are recommended. With todayís technology, a shock-resistant, waterproof digital camera is an affordable way to document your adventure. Whatever device you choose to bring, donít forget the charger!

Favorite Beverage

Whatever your favorite vacation beverage is, your bodyís favorite beverage will always be water. Remember to bring enough of both so that you can enjoy a great time and stay hydrated. Relax knowing that marina stores stock a variety of beverages so save room packing and pick it up at the Marina.


Your favorite beverages are goodóbut you need to keep them cold. Ice melts fast, but we have more. Itís a good idea to bring some, but if and when you run out, ice is available at all marina stores at competitive prices, so thereís no need to haul tons of extra ice from home.

Marshmallow Forks

You canít find marshmallow sticks on a boat, so remember to stock up on marshmallow forks beforehand. Youíll be glad you did!

Hiking Boots or Shoes

Shoes help when youíre loading and unloading the boat. Plus, once you see the beautiful shores, youíll be glad you packed a pair so you can explore them firsthand.

Floating Eyeglass, Key, Hat Holders

Youíre going to be surrounded by deep waters and in the sun for a few days. The worst things you can lose are your keys, followed by any type of glasses. Before you take off, attach a little floatie to your keys, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and favorite hat to prevent them from going permanently overboard.


Every boat has plenty of space for the items that make your trip more comfortable and memorable. Each marina varies on which items they supply on the boat, so check your list with those items they supply. Essentials that you may want to bring are your own bedding, bath and kitchen towels, and personal sundries: your swim suit, beach towel, sweatshirt, flashlight, chargers, pain relievers and music players. Remember, if you forget something, chances are that our marina store will have just what you need!

What Not to Bring

Each marina has a specific list of items that you should leave at home, but here are a few items that you may not think about not to bring to get you started.

Water Balloons/Launchers

We know it sounds fun to launch balloons off the roof of the boat, but our wildlife fish and critters will eat the plastic, and that can really harm our ecosystem.

Golf Clubs/Golf Balls

Same as above, but worseóif you launch a ball and it hits a person, it can cause serious bodily harm. Please leave the clubs at home and enjoy the scenery instead.

Tiki Torches and Fireworks

Sure, itís pretty to see a flame above the water, but not so fun if the boat catches on fire. Bring some flashlights and LED lanterns for nighttime fun and avoid torching your trip.

*Not all marinas have the same requirements or restrictions. Please check with your marina of interest directly for specific information about the rules and recommendations for each location.